Rudy Pinceel

Director, writer and producer Rudy PINCEEL was born on August 21, 1959 in Wilrijk, Belgium. He studied at the School of Arts Sint-Lucas in Antwerp, where he became ‘Master of Arts’. He began his career as an illustrator and poster designer. After his studies he worked as an illustrator for televison programs at the Flemish Radio and Televison, VRT. He quickly lands from the drawing board to the front of the cameras at the public broadcaster. He presents, produces and directs TV programs and documentaries for VRT Television and writes columns for public radio. With his Tv production company ‘House of the Dingo’ he becomes director and producer of innumerable human interest programs and documentaries for VRT, Vtm, TSR Télévision Suisse, TVE Spain, Vitaya and Rtbf.