Pirmin Styrnol, Till Mayer

*Pirmin Styrnol was born at 25th of December 1989 in Lahr/Schwarzwald. He studied “Publicism and comunication-science” in Vienna (2010-2015). While his study, he worked as head editor for the radio-program “Momente des Sports” (english: “moments of sport”) on „Orange Radio“ and had a job in the culture-radio of the „ORF, OE1“. For his work, he got many awards like the „Radio-Award for Adult-Education“ (2014), the „Austrian Award for Sport-Journalists“ (2014,2015) and the „Media- Award Coburg“ (2015, 2018) and more national and international awards. Since the year 2015, Pirmin Styrnol works as a multimedia-editor and voice-actor for the „SWR“ and the „ARD“ in Stuttgart and Baden- Baden and directs his own media-company „punchline studio“ with his brother Maik Styrnol.