Official Selection Berlin 2019

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Italy - Feature Documentary
52 minutes

Subversive but disciplined, traditional but desecrating: the Carracci revolutionized the way of painting leaving a mark in the history of world art. 

The story of the three Bolognese painters is narrated by Marco Riccòmini, internationally known art advisor, formerly Director and Head of Department of Old Masters for Christie’s.


The Carracci have been working together as a team on the walls of three magnificent historical Italian palaces: Palazzo Magnani and Palazzo Fava in Bologna and Palazzo Farnese in Rome, now headquarter of the French Ambassade in Italy.


On his voyage, between frescoed palaces, paintings and drawings, Marco meets scholars and museum curators – such as Pierre Rosenberg, formerly Director of the Louvre, Keith Christiansen, Director of Italian paintings at Metropolitan Museum of New York and Aidan-Weston Lewis, Director of the National Gallery of Scotland – to reconstruct the artistic and human journey of three artists who embody the extraordinary ability to work together, overcoming their personal limits.


A timeless value which in the film is represented not only by the masterpieces of the Carracci but also by the everyday life of three anonymous street musicians whose music is the soundtrack of the movie.


Finally, the story of the Carracci on the walls becomes a way to celebrate the strength, the patience and the faith which, up to these days, are at the core of every successful team, from business companies to rock bands.

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Canada 2018 Feature Documentary
83 minutes

Fernando Botero is one of the world’s most popular living artists, with millions of fans transcending cultures across the globe. While his art is instantly recognizable, the story of how he became “the Maestro” is largely unknown. 

BOTERO changes that.

This beautifully filmed documentary offers an inspiring look at the power of relentless vision, unwavering conviction and a lifetime of discipline.

We follow an unknown, self-taught painter from provincial Medellin in 1932, as he propels himself to the pinnacle of the art world. The film brings together the man and his art to capture Botero’s essence – the quiet resolve and strength of character that allowed him to overcome poverty, decades of harsh criticism and the tragic death of his four-year-old son.

Never-before-seen moments come to life as his children uncover 50 year-old sketches in a shuttered storage facility, as our cameras go behind the scenes at a show exhibiting his work alongside Pablo Picasso’s, and as the artist takes us on a private tour of his studio.

BOTERO weaves together original footage shot in 10 cities across China, Europe, New York and Colombia, with decades of family photos and archival video. Unprecedented access to the artist and his family is combined with a colourful cast of historians, curators and academics to reveal the creativity and convictions at the heart of Fernando Botero.

In his sunlit studio, Botero explains that despite the fame, the accolades, and the financial success, he is still learning and discovering, because “my life is to paint.”

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Where does artistic freedom begin and where does it end? And does art actually still require artists?

Russia 2019 Short Documentary
21 minutes

Portrait of Kazakh-Russian painter Latif Kazbekov. We’ll meet him in the studio – the place where outer world and inner world are mixed together. Where paintings as a result are less important than process itself. Paper reliefs, thoughtful paintings, artisanal paper-making and endless questions. An attempt to look into origins of art and answer the questing: where do paper worlds come from?

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USA 2016 Feature Documentary 67 minutes

Art is a numinous human expression of the Sacred.  The film, Mining the Unconscious is a riveting and true celebration of life, as well as a tribute to C.G. Jung’s profound contribution to the field of transpersonal psychology, culture and the language of the collective unconscious. The film depicts the landscape of inner experience in a quest for spiritual and cultural renewal.  Artists excavate stories and revelations in the profound territory of the soul. While watching this creative process, the viewer is brought into a stunning illumination of transformation and healing, born from dreams, myths and archetypes.  


For the filmmaker, the process of collaboration with the painters, sculptors, photographers and storytellers revealed that Nature herself was Muse and primal source of creativity.  As she listened to the developing arc of the movie, she edited the film flowing through Three Acts. First, the viewer journeys through the process of artist healing Self, then with the artist moving to heal others. Finally, we arrive at the very origins of art – the artist as shaman healing community. On this ground, we find Connectedness. We find Heart. We find Inspiration.

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Singapore 2019 Feature Documentary
61 minutes

Shot on location in Singapore, Japan, London, Paris, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam, artist and filmmaker Ang Sookoon takes us on an eye opening journey into the private lives of artists. Through intimate conversations with artist peers, Sookoon’s exploration of their financial struggle and tremendous efforts to make ends meet. These dialogues reveal the artists’ perspectives on the financial difficulties inherent in their unconventional career. In turn, together with Sookoon they question the current systems that govern an artist’s career and livelihood.

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Spain 2018 Experimental Art Installation
8 minutes

Part sculpture, part light installation and video animation, Cornered is an immersive visual experience that represents the motivation and struggles of migrants leaving their home country and making an attempt, most often failed, to cross the border from Morocco to the Spanish cities of Melilla and Ceuta, the only European cities on Africa’s mainland.

The video was filmed in the town of Harlow in Essex during a three-day paste-up of a mural by YOLA, the Polish street-artist based in London, who specializes in large-scale, socially engaged projects that involve local communities all over the world. ‘We Are All in the Same Boat’ tackles the issues of racism, intolerance, and xenophobia. YOLA was invited to create it by local communities in the town that had become synonymous with anti-European feelings following the UK referendum that marked the beginning of Brexit.

USA 2019 Short Documentary
30 minutes

Seeing MS From the Inside Out is a pioneering documentary film, telling the previously untold ‘inside’ stories of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


No two MS diagnoses are alike, no two stories the same. For many it is simply unexplainable. Seeing MS From the Inside Out draws on three different perspectives from those closest to MS: a patient, a care-giver and a neurologist.


Director and award-winning filmmaker, Christoph Green, seeks to make the unexplainable explainable through art – pairing an artist from Argentina, the US and Italy with a patient, a care-giver and physician to capture their experiences and tell their everyday tales of hardship, triumph, suffering and discovery.

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UK 2018 Short Documentary 9 minutes

A musician and a painter are not so different. An artwork can sing as a score does depict. When composer Jack Chown walked into painter Jason Butler’s studio for the first time, the realisation of their symmetry as artists was swift to surface. Jack hears the music he loves in Jason’s paintings and when Jason paints, he often does so to that same music. In a unique and one off collaboration, Jack has composed a piece of music to accompany the vivid and shimmering fields of Jason’s fresh and abstract work. Using his personal experience of graphical synaesthesia, Jack shifts and translates the blushing hues and glowing tints of Jason’s palette into a fervent swelling piece that blooms as the canvases vibrate in the space. The work will be showcased in an exclusive evening installation of live performance and film that explores: what is the Sound of Colour?

USA 2019 Short Documentary
15 minutes

A Touching Sight is a 15-minute documentary that shows the different purposes of the extra-ordinary exhibition Josef and Anni Albers: VIBE – Voyage inside a blind experience. 

First and foremost the development of a new inclusive model for a temporary exhibition that can be equally enjoyed by both sighted and visually impaired people. 

A new way to enjoy art through the senses that enhances its fruition is the other aim of the exhibition. “Feeling the experience” as Gregorio Battistoni the project creator of the VIBE exhibition affirms. Tactility is particularly emphasized because the Albers Foundation exceptionally for this exhibition provides works of art that can be touched by visitors. 

The third keyword is synesthesia: the tactile approach allows the audience to “see” a visual image through other senses and vice-versa, expanding and challenging the notion of art fruition and aesthetic experience. 

This documentary is an opportunity to reflect on how the experience of blind people can enhance the experience of sighted visitors.

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Australia 2018 Short Experimental
5 minutes

Drawing. Dancing is a short experimental animation that sits between visual and performing art. Employing a body language positioned between choreography and combat, we seem to be watching a mysterious exchange between the drawing and the dancer .

Italy 2017 Short Music Clip 6 minutes

Seventh short film of the Body & Sound series by Alberto Nacci on the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments. A b/w film on the relationship between body and voice with the collaboration of the vocal quartet Leg’gio with Paola Milzani, Caterina Comeglio, Elena Biagioni and Simona Zambetti.

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Italy 2018 Short Music Clip 7 minutes

FLAMENCO is the 10th short film of the Body&Sound series by Alberto Nacci. A movie about the relationship between 2 artists an their creative instruments: Cristina Benitez (dancer) and Livio Gianola (guitarist).


USA 2018 Short Experimental
5 minutes

Inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and the art and writing of feminist painter Saribenne Evesong (1931-2009), Declarations uses art, and the art of movement, to examine empathy as a facilitator of sustainable love, peace, and justice.