Anton Drozdov-Schastlivtsev, Irina Drozdova-Schastlivtseva

The music film Hidden has been created by the duet of cinematographer Anton Drozdov-Schastlivtsev and artist Irina Drozdova-Schastlivtseva. Both Anton and Ira live and work in Saint-Petersburg.

They are the founders of PsyDoc Film Creative Union in which they act as well as scriptwriterss. The studio is dedicated to create short art house films, documentary, and experimental video.

Anton was born in the USSR, in the city of Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg), in the year

  1. He graduated from the State University of Cinematography and Television as director of photography. Anton is a member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers. For all his career as a director of photography, he has made about 10 full-length feature films.

Irina was born in Kazakhstan, in the town of Kostanay, in the year of 1978. Since 1998 she has been living in Russia. Irina graduated from the State University of Great Novgorod the department of Architecture and Fine Arts, specialized in costume design. She was the author and presenter of a renown fashion TV show in Russia. Nowadays she works as an art-director and a costume designer for commercial, music and fashion video.